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Thursday, September 15, 2016

A day of Awesomeness and "Build-phoria"

My husband and I both have a long work history in the home building industry before we launched our own electrical contracting company. Staying on top of new building products, services, and tools is not just crucial to continuing the growth our business by ensuring our customers have the right products to meet their needs and satisfaction, it's also just REALLY interesting to us. So we regularly attend the annual 21st Century Building Expo and Conferance to see all the vendor exhibits and catch a seminar or continuing education course. This year Chad was tied up on site with big projects so I was flying solo. Which is actually fine by me since are topics of interest can vary sometimes and compromises leaves me not spending as much time at one place or another as I desire.
The theme this year is "build-phoria" and let me just say that is a perfect description of what this year has to offer. My motherly duties of getting Noah ready and dropped off at school in the morning and picked back up in the afternoon, does put some time restraints on my daily outings, especially when traveling to Charlotte and back. Imagine my excitement when I found this event on the schedule:

Join HGTV’s Chip Wade (Elbow Room, Curb Appeal, Ellen’s Design Challenge) for a Design House luncheon presentation on creating inspirational spaces, simply by asking the right questions. Chip will discuss how you can guarantee fantastic results through clear budgeting, a thoughtful planning process, and finding your own unique inspiration.

Admittedly, and surprising to most, I am actually not very familiar with any of the popular DIY shows or personalities as I am not a big TV viewer and I always out numbered by the men vote when we do have a little family TV time. My excitement was more about the subject matter than the host. All I can say is that not only was the sit down three course luncheon served at our tables spectacular, the speaker proved to be even more amazing. I may not have been a fan or follower of Chip Wade when I walked in but over the course of an hour long presentation of mind blowing awesomeness in rethinking space and design, I most definitely walked out as his number one superfan recharged with inspiration and information. 

I had a bit of time 
after the luncheon to hit the expo floor to find some "new to me" products before I had to face the tumultuous ride on 77n back to Mooresville. Here is one of many of today's top product discoveries:

DecTec- (description from DecTec website) DecTec provides all weather, slip resistant PVC membranes for decks, balconies, pool surrounds and garage floors. This low maintenance decking option is anti-slip, waterproof, fire resistant and all weather ready. DecTec is the best choice in waterproof, walkable deck membrane solutions.
(from brochure and website)
•Low Maintenance
•Durable in all Weather Conditions
•Eliminate Rotting Wood
•No more Splinters
•No More Painting
•No more Water Damage
•Meets or Exceeds Building Code Roofing Requirements
•CRRC Listed 20 Year Limited Warranty 80 mil total thickness 
•10 year limited warranty on 60 mil & 20 year limited warranty on 80 mil
 •Stabilized Anti Microbial
•Excellent vinyl to vinyl “weldability”


Decks, Roofs, Garage Floors, Pool Surround, Recreational, Balconies, Commercial,
Multi‐family, Roof top decks, Commercial Walkways, RV roofs, Boat floors.

Why I am intrigued and crushing on DecTec- (beyond the box thinking):
Yes, on it's own, it appears to be a very innovating and promising deck/ roofing waterproof membrane system as intended to be. While neither of these nor waterproofing of these surfaces are my areas of expertise,  I can tell you that it does seems to be a fairly simple installation and an economical/low cost option in comparison to other waterproofing systems and applications. But using stuff for what they are made for just isn't my style so staying true to form, here's why my interest has been peaked.  It's basically in ways, it is like a roll linoleum flooring but with a visually athestically pleasing finish similar to an epoxy coat flooring cover offered in an array of neutral tones and pigment flecks. It is available in a variety of thicknesses, but all still very malleable, flexible and easy to cut, easy to glue to itself or to other surfaces. Covering my very rough cold concrete steps front the house into my garage was my immediate first project that came to mind and many many more possible applications have been running through my mind all afternoon. I ordered some samples and I will be sure to post results and final thoughts on it.

*The rep strongly recommended that  due to the nature and intended use of this material, this strictly be used only in well ventilated and outdoor areas. I also recommend this as well, unless you really like the overwhelming smell of a roll of freshly coated pvc mat.*

Be sure to check out my other finds from the 21st Builders Expo and Conferance, as I plan on returning daily for the duration of the event.

Until Next Time~