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Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Tale of Ugly Cabinet Thing

During one of my weekly (sometimes daily) strolls through Mooresville ReStore, I stumbled upon this beauty for only $35!! To be perfectly honest, I really didn't have a clue what it was but I knew what I wanted it to be!

(that was only $35, so I bought it, because it's not like i could really make it look any worse)

So you might be asking yourself "What is it?" and "What could I have possibly envisioned other than a bonfire to improve it's current look?" Well, it was a record player cabinet, at least that was what it's current configuration was upon arrival to the ReStore sales floor. It is not unusual for me to repurpose someones vintage repurposing. (I actually find it more gratifying to have the chance to ensure a piece's survival through time by constant metamorphosis, and that's a whole other post topic for another day) I was instantly reminded of an old farmhouse dry sink with its style and lines and envisioned it as a modern bathroom vanity. 

Figuring that the rest of the design details would be revealed along the repurposing road, I loaded it up and took home, then realized I needed to find a Farmhouse style sink. Which wasn't nearly as a difficult as I thought it was going to be because I found a beautiful cast iron sink for $20 on my return trip to Restore later that week. And with the help of 3 men and a new set of shocks, we actually got that sink into the back of my truck. 

~After removing the guts of the record player, overhead light (cleverly concealed behind a fake drawer front), door knobs, doors and hinges. With a few precision cuts, I removed the top half of the cabinet and sanded it down to smooth out any splintered wood. I used a hole saw and cut the bottom of the "well" where the sink would sit as well as the back back panel to allow access for future plumbing pipes. 

Time for paint...

Adding a little water to latex wall paint and using a "dry brushing" technique, gave me the weathered and worn color I was looking for (this was an untreated/unpainted piece and did not require any more paint prep than a bit of sanding). Once my paint was dry, I sealed and protected the vanity with a wax paint sealer. By using a silver leafing paint, I was able to update the original knobs and hardware for reuse. 

When I think "old farmhouse" the first thing that comes to mind is those old pie safes with a stamped designs or cut out patterns in metal on their doors and wanted to recreate that look with this piece. After carefully removing the rattan basket weave from the center of each door panel with a razor knife, I ran HVAC sheet metal duct (also found at Restore for $8) through an embosser machine to achieve my goal to replicate that vintage look. Once my metal was stamped and ready, I placed it into the center of each door panel and used clear silicone caulk glue around the edges to thoroughly secure into place. I reattached the doors, hardware and installed the sink/faucets.

To save you the trouble of having to scroll all the way back to the top to study the before picture and make sure that it indeed IS the same piece as the upcoming "After" pic, I will paste here again....

This is indeed the same piece as the upcoming "After" pic!


Combining the new with the old! 
Vintage style vanity and sink with modern color gave this $35 record player cabinet from the ReStores and eyesore a second life as one of the top design trends currently in high demand for less than $75!! 
    Shhh!!  (That's less than half of what you pay on just the sales tax on a comparable piece found in retail stores!!)