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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Seems legit...

I am beginning to think that under my shed is a Feral cat labor and delivery room... And after 2 days of strategic cat trapping I have (yet again) rescued a litter of kittens. (I am also continuing the trapping in efforts to capture the mom so that she can be fixed and released back to the wild)

But here's the kicker... without naming names, a very well known "no kill" animal shelter can not accept the kittens because they consider them to be feral and they do not take in feral felines. So I (yet again) are fostering kittens that need new homes. They only issue is that I currently have three 8 month old fully grown cats from the last batch of 7 (yes seven) I rescued and could not adopt because no one likes calico color.
Squirrel & Moo sitting in the cat perch

Long story short- my husband has decided to help in the homing efforts and I arrived home to find this sign on his van. Now for those that do not know my husband, let's just say opposites do attract and he is a very quiet, grounded, serious man that tries to avoid large social gatherings as much as possible. So after resisting the initial gut reaction and urge to quickly scribble another sign to hang on the opposite side that read "free candy", I explained to my husband that I don't believe he is going to achieve the desired results as it's a little creepy to be offering kittens out of a van. He promptly removed the sign.
Staying true to the path of never having a dull moment in our house... I thought I would share the humor of this one.

Until Next Time~