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Sunday, September 11, 2016

A visit to the Southern Ideal Home Show Charlotte

Fun and educational day during my  visit to the Southern Ideal Home Show in Charlotte. This is an annual 3 day show at the The Park Expo and Conference Center with FREE parking. (yes, you read it right... an event in Charlotte with free parking!)
Friday: 10am-7pm
Saturday: 10am-7pm
Sunday: 11am-5pm
At the Door: $10:00 (Under 15 free with a paying adult)
Advance Online: $9.00 and there are several different discounts offered as well. For more information head to their website:

Food trucks are always a bonus! And great way to start the venture!

 Always nice to see a friendly face (or in this case, place) when I'm! The Charlotte Habitat ReStores were set up with a great selection of items for sale from their stores and on hand with information about all their services.

I was introduced to Herb's Honey at the Southern Women's Show 2 weeks ago and I am hooked. These guys know honey. Offering North Carolina Raw Honey,  "produced in the Carolina's, bottled bottles in Charlotte", my mind is slightly blown away by the fact that honey collected in different seasons, regions and tree/flower population can produce a completely different flavor. If you have a chance, I definitely recommend stopping by and sampling the different selections and starting your very own honey bear army like mine.
(Herb's Honey Mountain Orchard HerbsHoneyPot.com 704-763-1646)

Buck's Tiny Houses brought out three tiny house models and I realized that all of them offered bigger bathrooms than I currently have on my own house. Which makes me believe that I could live in a tiny house after all.

Super nice people and very educated on the entire Tiny House AND home construction guidelines and regulations. 
(Buck's Tiny Houses www.bucktinyhouses.com)

My new obsession and top of my wish list is a Tower Garden. Cathy Melesh is a Charlotte Sales Rep and her passion and excitement over this nifty self contained, self watering, indoor or outdoor vertical garden that is used on in space shuttles will have you envisioning the garden fresh meals that you will lovingly prepare for your family from your tassel hassle free garden growing in your kitchen... or it in my case, what my meals my husband would lovingly prepare since he's been the dinner chef lately. 
(Cathy Melesh 704-560-0994

I also found a new pest control service, a whole bunch of new succulent plants, new collapsible food storage bins, took a selfie with a guy dressed as a bathtub to "outdo" the selfie pic text from a friend sitting on the beach, and made an appointment to have my driveway pressure washed and sealed...
Bath Fitter Charlotte 
All in all I say that it was a pretty productive few hours and a great one stop shop for any all home related needs. There were also cooking demonstrations and the guy from the show Tanked was there taking pictures and signing autographs, and more. 

Special thanks to the Southern Ideal Home Show for giving me an excuse to bail on laundry duty today and to all the vendors I met

Until next time

*In full disclosure: My admission as a blogger was at no cost to attend the Southern Ideal Home Show. However, I did not receive any form of monetary compensation or goods in exchange for positive comments made about the SIHS, the venue, or the merchants/vendors. The post above reflects my honest and unbiased experience had during my visit. 

**Not saying that I'm opposed to receiving compensation for positive blog posts... I got bills to pay too... just making a point to note in this case.**

*** I am also just going to throw out there that if you are a business or company that has decided to add "influencers" to your marketing campaign... my email is andreahartleyme.com 😉