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Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Repurposed Cabinet Drawer: Part 2

Anchor Wall Hook found at Mooresville ReStore $5
So now your finished making a Storage Ottoman (or 2) of your very own, you maybe asking yourself "what can I do with these super fabulous drawer fronts that are left over?" So I am sharing with you an extremely quick, easy and inexpensive project to turn those scraps and accentuate simple hooks and hangers to make your own swanky wall decor found in high end stores for only a few dollars... 

Carousel $8 Hobby Lobby 
What you will need:
    Drawer Front
    Screw driver or drill
    Wall mount hardware
    Paint and wood filler (optional)
    Decor item(s)/hook

~Be creative; give new life to old cabinet/door knobs, tools, keys/locks, mirrors, dishes, ugly towel bars repainted, etc. as your "decor item" or mix and match several objects for functional art.


I  found this kit with a variety of hanger options in it for only $3.99 at ReStore.

  • Flip drawer front over face down and attach mounting hardware to backside to hang on the wall when finished.
  • Fill any holes from original hardware with wood filler, let dry and sand. (You can skip this step if your decor item covers any existing holes)
  • Paint your drawer front or utilize current color if preferred. Or try patterned contact paper for a bold and trendy look.
  • Once paint is thoroughly dry, arrange where your decor or hanger item is going to go and secure in place with screw.

Hang your masterpiece on the wall and enjoy!!